CFDM has provided retreats, seminars, and courses toward the training and certification of adult Christian leaders in areas of Christian formation and spiritual direction. Since January 1, 2018, the newly independent Affiliates of CFDM will continue this ministry of providing ongoing equipping, supervision, community, evaluation, and resources for spiritual directors. And by creating and identifying excellent resources, the CFDM Affiliates continue to commit to the ongoing training and equipping of Christians in spiritual formation and direction.

The strategic initiatives of CFDM Affiliates will continue to be:

To provide ongoing events in spiritual formation for groups and individuals such as monthly spiritual retreat days, quarterly renewal weekends, and other needed training events;

To create resources for use in spiritual formation and spiritual direction;

To provide training, evaluation, and ongoing supervision of spiritual directors;

To establish and develop relational networks of spiritual directors in regions of the western United States for purposes of referral, quality control, and continuing partnership for spiritual directors;

Our History:

Christian Formation and Direction Ministries [CFDM] was initially the ongoing ministry of Friends of the Bridegroom Ministries [FOTBM], founded in 1988 by Catherine Gregg and incorporated in California in 1996 as a non-profit organization to support her personal teaching and speaking ministry of prayer, intercession, and spiritual formation.  In the year 2000, Catherine’s husband  Douglas Gregg, a Presbyterian pastor, professor, and author, joined her in the work and we became Christian Formation & Direction Ministries with a renewed vision for the training and equipping of spiritual directors in the Western United States.  From 2000 to 2017, we have lived and worked in Southern California, Southern Utah, and Southern Nevada. Beginning in 2018, a transition in leadership of CFDM will have been accomplished. Currently there are five strong regional networks, or affiliates, of CFDM—CFDM-Arizona, CFDM-Central California, CFDM-Los Angeles, CFDM-Nevada, and CFDM-Northwest—which have become entirely independent, with their own not-for-profit status and record keeping. So, the primary purpose of this CFDM website  is to refer you to the newly independent affiliates of CFDM, which you can access from the Affiliate Link at the top of this page.