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Todd Minturn is a spiritual director in Fresno, CA, after serving 22 years in campus and urban ministry with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. He is developing a network of spiritual directors in Central California and plans to bring CFDM’s 2 year certificate program in Christian Formation and Spiritual Direction to Central California by 2018. He is a retreat leader and offers guided retreats for individuals. Todd loves to help people connect with God in deeper ways through contemplative spiritual practices, discover the gifts they’ve been given by God to offer into the world, and find greater freedom and wholeness in Christ. He is married to Carrie and is the father of Bryce and Cody.

Spiritual Direction

Todd and others are able to provide spiritual direction, and are working to develop a Network of Directors in Central California, composed of women and men who want to be part of the Network and who are already Directors or are in training to be Directors.

CFDM Central California is planning to work with graduates of the Certificate Program in Christian Formation & Spiritual Direction offered by CFDM, as well as graduates of other training programs, to provide ongoing supervision, evaluation, referral, and continuing partnership for spiritual directors.

For information regarding training, joining the network, or referral to a qualified Director, contact Todd.

Local Events

Various events are planned and resources made available by the Network in response to requests and needs in the region. For additional information regarding quiet days, spiritual formation events and weekend retreats, contact Todd  .

For more information on CFDM’s work in Central California please go to


We are announcing our first spiritual director training program beginning in February of 2018–see details in the first download below with info and application materials in the second download:


SD Cert Flyer – CentralCA1


Central CA1-Application-informtion