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Richard’s Story
Richard is a retired Presbyterian Minister (PCUSA) now living in Eagle, Idaho.  For 40 years he served as a pastor in 4 different churches.  Several years ago he moved out of pastoral ministry, so he could devote more time and energy to the current passions in his life:  spiritual formation and spiritual direction ministry.   To prepare for this phase in his life and ministry Richard completed a two-year certificate program in Spiritual Formation and Direction from CFDM ( and more recently a certificate in the supervision of spiritual directors also from CFDM. Richard writes:  As a trained spiritual director, I support others in finding the next step on their spiritual path.  I accomplish this by being a companion who listens generously to another person with God or with the Holy One. My ministry is strongly rooted in the Judeo-Christian Tradition, but I honor all traditions and practices.

As a part of his own spiritual journey, he meets with his own spiritual director monthly and participates in peer group supervision for spiritual directors which also meets monthly.  Richard is committed to following the “Guidelines for Ethical Conduct for Spiritual Directors” from Spiritual Directors International (

Richard and his wife Dena have been married for 47 years and have two grown children who live in southern California.

Barb & Rick Irish

Rick Irish is a retired Presbyterian minister (PCUSA) residing near Greenleaf, Idaho, with his wife, Barb, and with children and grandchildren nearby.  A graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary with Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry degrees, Rick has served as a pastor, counselor and Presbytery executive.   Having found his “second calling” as a spiritual director, he experiences great delight in helping others identify and follow the movement of God in their lives and wishes to support those who desire to enter the ministry of spiritual direction.


Other graduates, including Bruce Swanson, James Lang and several CFDM trained Supervisors of spiritual directors, are available to share their experiences.  Contact Richard Green for names and contact informationWe are beginning to create a Network of Spiritual Directors in Southwestern Idaho!  For more information about CFDM programs, or to express interest in being part of a growing Network of Spiritual Directors in Idaho, contact Richard.


Local Events

Various events are planned and resources made available by the Network in response to requests and needs in the region. For additional information regarding quiet days, spiritual formation events and weekend retreats, contact Richard.