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Dave Olson

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Dave Olson, Director of InAbba ( ), is our Pilgrimage Coordinator for CFDM. Dave is working with the many growing regional networks of CFDM to provide quality formation experiences abroad in locations that have great significance in the development of Christian spirituality. We present here general information about pilgrimages, dates of prospective pilgrimages and photos from previous journeys.

Pilgrimage journeying to places where people in earlier times experienced profound encounters with God that shaped their lives and ours, from the example, faith and writings that flowed forth. Pilgrimage, moving out of one’s normal space and routine to come open to fresh discoveries about self and God. Pilgrimage, joining a few others in a common quest for renewal of life. Pilgrimage is for persons ready to seek a deeper understanding of their own soul and to place themselves in position to meet God afresh. Pilgrimage is for you, when the call to GO FORTH echoes in your heart. 

A Pilgrimage is a journey into history on which the pilgrim follows the yearning of her/his heart for an experience of the mystery of God’s Presence, by taking paths made sacred by another’s encounter with the Mystery. One starts with hope set on a destination but will discover that it is the journey which opens the way to that which he/she desires. A Pilgrimage is not just a tour of history but is a search to link the longings in the pilgrim’s spirit to demonstrations of the Spirit of God to other seekers.

What makes Pilgrimage different?

  • Why we travel: not to see, nor learn, nor enjoy things outside ourselves but to experience new depths within ourselves (although we will see, learn and enjoy much).
  • Where we go: not to the “highlights” of a country or region, but to the sacred places of generations before (although we will visit many highlight sites).
  • How we journey: not to make travel convenient but to move slowly into the life and time of those we seek to know (although the travel will be modern and pleasant).

What can you expect?

  • Enlargement of your own heart and mind through interaction with fellow pilgrims.
  • Encounters with the Mystery of God’s Presence which are yours alone.
  • Understanding of how the lives of saints before us have shaped our own lives and faith.
  • Helpful guidance and commentary by your tour host.
  • Time to explore sights and places at your own pace.
  • Walking to sacred sites which will open your being to experience them more deeply.

A CFDM/InAbba Pilgrimage includes significant times for personal reflection and interaction with other pilgrims. Each day begins with Morning Prayer and an orientation to the sites in the day’s itinerary. In the evening we gather to share experiences and insights from the day. Some pilgrimages include guided reflections based on the saint and/or location in focus that



We are going again to Ireland & Iona in the Spring of 2017–May 20-June 3, 2017.  Check out the brochure attached below:


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Ireland, Spring 2010

Italy, Florence – Siena – Assisi – Rome, Fall 2010

The Italy 2010 Pilgrimage was centered around a 4-day stay in Assisi with daily guided meditations based on the lives of Saint Francis and Saint Clare. Our accommodations wee the quiet and lovely St. Anthony Guest House run by Franciscan sisters providing the perfect setting for spiritual reflection.