A primary goal of CFDM is to establish and develop relational networks of spiritual directors in regions of the western United States for purposes of ongoing supervision, evaluation, certification, referral, and continuing partnership for spiritual directors.

As training takes place-especially through the Certificate Program-CFDM will work with a “coordinating team” for a region that will oversee the development of a network initially made up of graduates of the program. These coordinating teams will determine what is needed for ongoing training in a particular region-events, retreats, seminars, certificate programs-and calendar, sponsor, and secure leadership, facilities and budget for these events.

These coordinating teams will also re-affirm and implement established criteria for being part of a CFDM network-i.e. a person (1) has some training [such as the Certificate program offered from CFDM or a similar program], (2) is receiving spiritual direction, (3) is giving spiritual direction to others, (4) is involved in individual and peer supervision, and (5) is following the guidelines established by network leaders.